Pulp Treatments

Pulp – the “living” part of the tooth

It is the nerves and blood supply in middle of the tooth that allows the tooth to feel things and that keeps the hard parts of the tooth healthy.

 If a child has damage to the pulp due to deep cavities or an injury to the tooth, the pulp may require treatment.  In primary teeth pulp treatments may include applying medication to the tissue inside the tooth if it is just inflamed, or removal of the pulp tissue if it is infected. If infection from the pulp spreads to the surrounding gums and bone, pulp treatment may not work and the tooth may need to be extracted.  Decayed and injured permanent teeth also require pulp treatment in some cases.

At Pediatric Dental Group of Louisville, we do our best to enable children to keep their primary and permanent teeth by doing pulp treatments and restorations when possible.

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