Dental Exam & Imaging

Monitoring Kid’s Oral Development

Pediatric dentists are experts on the growth and development of kids teeth and all oral structures, and because children's mouths change continuously from birth until adulthood, it is very important to monitor their oral development as they grow.

Dental exams happen during periodic preventive visits.

We will examine your child's teeth and other oral structures and will record which teeth are present, loose, missing, restored or having problems. We also closely monitor the presence of decay, injuries, occlusion (bite), oral hygiene and other changes that may have occurred. During the exam, we will also teach you to be comfortable looking in your child’s mouth at home so you can recognize when something is changing and may need attention.

Dental imaging is used to document development and diagnose problems.

X-rays allow us to track the development of teeth, including when primary teeth are coming out and permanent teeth coming in. When a visual examination does not provide enough information, dental x-rays allow us to see the surfaces between teeth and may reveal cavities that would not otherwise be seem until they are rather large. X-rays are also important in managing dental injuries, detecting infection and diagnosing uncommon problems. Our x-ray imaging equipment is modern and uses digital technology which emits a low level of radiation. Your child will be covered with an appropriate radiation protection aprons as well.

Photographs are also commonly used to record dental development, problems or injuries. We typically take a picture at the start of each office visit.

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