Baby's First Visit


We recommend a child’s first visit when the teeth are just beginning to grow in, or at least by the first birthday.

The child’s first visit is primarily a conversation between the parent and the Pediatric Dentist to share information.  Of course the visit will include an oral examination for your child, including “show and tell” to make sure that you are comfortable looking into your child’s mouth and to tell you what you are seeing and to demonstrate oral care procedures.  Our Pediatric Dentists will usually clean your child’s teeth and may apply topical fluoride during this visit.

Parents are usually asked to hold the infant or young child while the pediatric dentist is examining the child’s mouth.

We will do our best to make you and your child as comfortable as possible during this first visit. Of course, some infants and children will cry when being held still, but there is not usually any discomfort and the procedure is very short. After the examination is complete there will be more time to discuss the findings and for the pediatric dentist to answer questions and to provide the parent with suggestions for home care, diet and future visits.

At Pediatric Dental Group of Louisville, we hope your child’s first visit is the beginning of a lifetime of excellent oral health. As your child’s Dental Home we will be happy to guide you along the way!

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